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We are on a mission to empower women to take charge of their (reproductive) aging journey. We make high quality, effective and affordable products available to you no matter where you live.

Why does women like me exist?

70% of women who seek care for menopause symptoms, don’t get it.

I know, we couldnt believe it either. But sadly after speaking to a few hundred women in South and Southeast Asia, we suspect this percentage is actually much higher in certain countries.



75% of women we spoke with said they felt unprepared for (reproductive) aging, how it would impact their future health and what they should or could do about it.


Stigma is persistent with virtually every woman feeling some level of discomfort speaking to others (including their partners and doctor) about symptoms.


Both doctors and patients reported having problems diagnosing symptoms, understanding treatment options and most of all being able to buy the actual products in their home country.

About us

Menopause is an important transition phase for women from both a medical and emotional perspective. Not getting effective care and support during this time can significantly impact her long-term health and happiness. But, it is an area that is frequently overlooked by the healthcare system, and getting access to well trained doctors and effective treatment is unfortunately a challenge for just about every woman dealing with the symptoms of reproductive aging. We heard hundreds of women recount stories of being pacified by their doctors, getting a misdiagnosis or no diganosis at all. It is heartbreaking but most of all it is infuriating.  

We are a very determined and passionate team with decades of experience in health care and technology that we want to use to change this. We are converging our experience to create the next chapter in the women's health industry — a modern health care company built on simplicity, holistic care and equity. A company offering modern, effective, and affordable treatment products that are available to a woman no matter where she lives. 

We have big plans and dreams, and have more than enough grit to make to make these a reality. For Women Like Us - who take their health serious and are all in for healthy longevity. 

- Women Like Me Team

A Modern Health Company

We have a laser focus on women midlife and design our products solely for her.


We work with the best brands and factories in the world to make safe and fuss-free essentials.


We believe in universal design so we keep it pared down and simple, always. Don't expect glitter and glam, do expect affordable and high quality products.


We only sell products that work. All are product have strong clinical research supporting its efficacy, and/or overwhelming real world support from our customers.