For women that weren't born yesterday

What is the Lowdown?

The lowdown = the most important facts and information about something.

How we age has as much to do with our genetics as the lifestyle choices we make. The Lowdown keeps you informed on everything you need to know about how to take care of yourself as your body ages. We write about the the science of (reproductive) aging, holistic care, new treatment options, we debunk persistant myths and tackle the stigma around aging as a women head on. We tell what we know, never what to do.

Age well. Live well.

The Essentials

Deeply researched, rooted in science and evidence, essential and practical information on your health. OTC product reviews, how to combine modern and traditional treatment.

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The Golden Girl

Relationships, Culture and People surrounding aging and Menopause. There is nothing we don't talk about, no tabboos and no question left unanswered.

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Symptom Factsheets

Medically reviewed factsheets on symptoms and health concerns. Learn why it is happening, how to diagnose and which treatment options are available.

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