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Anti - Hot Flash T-Shirt

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This classic Short Sleeve T-Shirt with advanced built-in Anti-Flush™ Technology works in four key ways to alleviate the symptoms of hot flushes and night sweats:

  1. Cools the skin
  2. Wicks away moisture
  3. Controls odour
  4. Releases heat back onto the skin during the post-flush chill.

Combined with the seam free, super-soft light-weight fabric you'll be feeling fresh and confident throughout the day or night.

We recommend wearing the garment close to the skin for maximum Anti-Flush™ benefits.

Symptoms addressed

Hot flashes, Nightsweats


100% Nylon


Wash at 30℃ with similar colours
Can be tumble dried
Do not use fabric conditioner (including wash/conditioning tablets and capsules)
Do not bleach or dry clean
Iron on low heat


Our products are slim fitting. If you prefer a comfort fit, we’d suggest selecting a size larger. However, please note the you will get the most benefit from the anti-flush technology with a close fit.

Color: White
Size: Small
Color: White
Size: Small

Product information


Why do hot flashes happen?

Hot flashes and night sweats occur due to body temperature dysfunction caused by changes in gonadal hormones. It is not fully understood how the gonadal hormone changes take place during the phases of menopause but essentially what it means is that your fluctuating hormones cause your “hypothalamus” (the part in your brain that is responsible for regulating temperature), to randomly think your core body temperature has spiked and needs to be cooled down. So it starts the normal processes of signaling your blood vessels to dilate in order to release heat: what will follow is a quick increase in blood flow, most notably to your chest, neck and face, your heart will start pumping faster and of course your sweat glands will open. Final result is that you feel and look like you just finished a (very intense!) work-out

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